Oct 4, 2017     Psychoanalytic Research in our Own Backyard

            Tina Adkins, PhD

            1.5 CE/CEU/PDs (Clinical)

Dr. Adkins will talk in depth about the psychoanalytic research she did during her doctoral work at the University of College London that continues to gain momentum nationally and internationally. She will also discuss the current implementation of a randomized controlled trial of her mentalization-based intervention for foster/adoptive parents, that is being funded by the Sue Fairbanks Psychoanalytic Research Collaboration. In additional to her research, Dr. Adkins has recently held a series of "Psychoanalytic Lunch and Learns" for clinicians and community professionals who work with families in Austin in an effort to introduce and translate psychoanalytic ideas and material for public consumption. Topics have included "Ghosts in the Nursery" and "Mentalization and Reflective Parenting" and tickets have consistently "sold out" within days of being posted. What is it that Dr. Adkins is doing to transforming psychoanalytic ideas into effective and measurable interventions?  And drawing crowds of local clinicials and and child welfare workers to learn more about psychoanalytic concepts? 

Learning Objectives:

1) Participants will be able to identify two specific psychoeducational activities that have shown to help parents learn how to mentalize their children.

2) Participants will be able to identify two skills for translating psychoanalytic ideas for lay consumption. 

3) Participants will be able to name two universities that are supporting psychoanalytic research. 


Tina Adkins, PhD, is a Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work. She completed her MS in Developmental Psychoanalytic Psychology and her PhD in Theoretical Psychoanalysis under the direction of Peter Fonagy and Patrick Luyten at University College London and the Anna Freud Center, specializing in attachment based interventions for foster/adopted children and their families. Her work in London resulted in a promising psychoeducational intervention for foster/adoptive parents designed to increase their mentalizing skills. She continues to work with Peter Fonagy and other London-based researchers to run trials on her intervention, about which several articles have been published. She is currently conducting a randomized trial of her intervention in Central Texas, research that has been made possible through generous funding from Sue Fairbanks. Dr. Adkins has spent her career working in the field of child welfare.

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