Nov. 2, 2016    Making contact: ASPP engages with prominent psychoanalytic thinkers Neil Altman, Lew Aron and Lynne Layton - CANCELLED

            Ryan Parker, LCSW and Seja Rachael, MA, LPC-S

Private practice, Austin, TX                             1.5 CE/CME/CEU/PDs (Clinical)

As a part of this academic year's educational programs, we are bringing several renowned psychoanalysts to Austin, including Neil Altman, Lew Aron, and Lynne Layton. Each of these psychoanalysts' theoretical and clinical orientation can be considered "relational" and each writes extensively about how historical, social, and cultural systems of meaning and power contribute to individual subjectivity and development (both the patient's and clinician's) as well as the relationship between them. Each of these psychoanalytic practitioners and theorists argues that as ethical psychoanalysts we must attend to the historical, economic, political, and sociocultural forces that surround us. This monthly meeting will create an opportunity for participants to delve more deeply into these psychoanalytic theorist's writing and thinking, to build community and think with other psychoanalytic clinicians in the Austin area, and enhance the learning opportunities that this year's educational programs have to offer.

Ryan Parker, LCSW is a psychotherapist who specializes in Infant-Parent and Early Childhood Mental Health. Ryan has worked with children who have experienced maltreatment, neglect, and abuse in various community mental health settings for almost a decade, and spent over five years working exclusively with children and families in foster care in San Francisco, before moving to Austin last fall. In 2014-2015, Ryan completed the inaugural Infant Parent Mental Health Fellowship Program founded by Kristie Brandt and Ed Tronick. Ryan serves as the current Clinical Director of A Home Within, which provides long-term therapy for current and former foster youth. She also serves on the board of Austin Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and Division 39’s Section IX, Psychoanalysis for Social Responsibility. Ryan is in private practice in Austin, TX.

Seja Rachael, MA, LPC-S, began at three as a storyteller working her imagination into everyday life, solving problems and making meaning through these narratives.  The healing properties of this process of reconstitution of self and meaning were shaped by the simultaneous reality of having an interested and invested listener. This intersection between the narrator and the one who receives the story, continues to fascinate her. The patient’s story soon becomes a conversation seeded with potential, whether spoken  or imagined, formed in images or gestures; in time between therapist and patient  something  new emerges.  Seja is now coming onto three decades of working in this field and is appreciative of having had uncountable  unique experiences with patients. These ongoing encounters have required that she stay engaged and enlivened,  and  accompany them in our struggle to  be present in the vulnerable reality of being human.


Learning Objectives:  At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

·         Describe three ways in which historical, social, and cultural systems of meaning and power contribute to individual subjectivity and development

·         Describe theoretical contributions to relational psychoanalysis from Neil Altman, Lew Aron and Lynne Layton


Layton, L. (2006) Racial identities, racial enactments, and normative unconscious processes.

Psychoanalytic Quarterly75:237-269.

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