November Monthly Meeting: Exploring the Unconscious in a Group Consultation with Naomi Freireich, LCSW, Randy Frazier, PhD, Bob Harverstick, PhD, Richard Holt, PhD, and Lisa Mersky, LCSW-ACP

  • 07 Nov 2018
  • 7:15 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Austin Energy at 721 Barton Springs Road

Exploring the Unconscious in a Group Consultation

Presenters: Naomi Freireich,LCSW, Psychoanalyst, Randy Frazier, PhD, Bob Harverstick PhD, Richard Holt,PhD, Lisa Mersky,LCSW-ACP

Abstract: Exploring the unconscious is fundamental to a psychoanalytically based endeavor. Tapping into and understanding unconscious dynamics enriches our understanding of any process or experience under examination. This presentation will explore the unconscious through a group exercise of free associations to clinical material, utilizing the interplay of individual and group associations to enhance understanding of the clinical case. Particular emphasis will be on the interpersonal unconscious and the ubiquitous nature of parallel process in the consultation experience.

Learning Objectives:

1) Learn and practice a new methodology for exploring the Unconscious

2) Identify benefits and complications of a leaderless group consultation format for exploring issues of the Unconscious

3) Increase awareness of how parallel process relates to consultation

References from the professional literature to support the presentation:

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Presenters’ professional biography:

The presenters are psychotherapists and psychoanalysts who have worked together for over 20 years in a weekly group consultation.

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