Psychoanalysis as an Ethical Praxis: 2018 Ethics Conference with Marianna Adler, PhD, FABP NOTE CHANGE OF DATE

  • 28 Apr 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • The Doubletree Hotel, 1617 North IH-35, Austin 78702


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Psychoanalysis as an Ethical Praxis

Ethics Conference with Marianna Adler, PhD, FABP

April 28, 2018

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The answers we give depend upon what and who we understand a human being to be, and how we find value in human life. Dr. Adler argues, that embedded in psychoanalysis itself is an ethical discourse and an ethical practice/praxis. Via an exploration of core psychoanalytic literature, she examines how the ‘fundamental rule' of free association, the efforts to make the unconscious conscious, and the analyst's responsibility to safeguard the place of the “other”--the space of difference- within the self and the therapeutic dyad, constitute the pillars of a psychoanalytic ethics. 

Intellectually invigorating yet practical, Dr. Adler weaves together a theoretical and clinical exploration of ethics that clinicians at all levels of experience will find valuable.


1.           Participants will be able to identify the ways in which psychoanalytic discourse constitutes an ethical praxis. 

2.           Participants will be able to explain how the Fundamental Rule grounds a psychoanalytic ethics based on the commitment to pursue the individual’s truth. 

3.           Participants will be able to discuss how psychoanalytic responsibility towards an otherness that can never be fully known  grounds the ethics of the relationship of analyst to patient. 

Marianna Adler, Ph.D., FABP, is a Training and Supervising psychoanalyst in private practice in Austin, Texas. She is a Fellow of the American Board of Psychoanalysis and is on the faculty of the Center For Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston and Austin. Dr. Adler has previously presented papers to both the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Society and the Austin Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology on such topics as mourning and psychoanalysis, shame, Jacques Lacan, and creative inhibitions. Her paper “Bion and the Analytic Attitude” was the lead article for Round Robin, Winter 2010. “The Blank Page: Creative Imagination and its Inhibitions” was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis in 2008. 

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